Our Story

It was in the wee hours early in the morning while most of the world was asleep that Christ Centered Church was being birthed. At this early hour God was speaking to Wayne Wyatt about what He wanted him to do. He told him to go to the local fire company and ask the fire chief’s permission to start a community bible study at the Firehouse. Questioning God, Wayne began to ask God to show him if this was really him speaking. He said to the Lord; if it is your will God, when I go to the fire chief let everything be done without a hindrance. Not only did the fire chief grant Wayne permission to start the bible study on Thursday evenings but he also asks if he would be the Chaplain for the firehouse. Wayne was sure that God was ordering his steps. Christ Centered Church was now well on its way to establishing Integrity, diversity, and community. This new appointment in his community allowed him to pray before each event that is hosted by the fire station and for the men and women who protect and serve us. The door God had opened was amazing.

It was at this time that Wayne began to reflect back to 1996 when he first walked in the doors of First Pentecostal Prayer of Faith Church; invited by his praying mother who was a member at that time he began attending and was soon baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. His transformation catapulted him into teaching an abundance of home bible studies.


Bible studies led the way to Community Evangelism coordinator, Coordinator led to Sunday School Teacher which led to Minister which led to prison ministry and to assistant Pastor. At the very same time as he grew spiritually the Lord also allowed him to excel in the corporate work force. The more God worked in his life, the higher he climbed in the corporate world as well. He had gone all the way from call center representative to project manager of three contracts within his company with a managing budget of 4 million dollars. God hand was truly on Wayne’s life. It is at the birth of Christ Centered Church that he reflected on the preparation that God had taken him through for the calling he was now to pursue.

Wayne serves as North American Missions Director for the North Central Jersey District which is a part of the United Pentecostal Church International. He is a graduate of The Apostolic Leadership Institute. Wayne and Wife Nicola have 4 children Nacir, Richard, and Twins Peyton and Jordan. He and his wife are excited to enter the new season of their life as Pastor and First Lady of Christ Centered Church.