Who are the volunteers?

Christ Centered Church volunteers are highly committed people who work together to serve and plant love into those whom they serve. Their service comes from the heart as they motivate others to make a difference in the Kingdom of God.

How do I learn more about the volunteer opportunities available?

Read below to learn about our volunteer teams; to fill out a volunteer interest form click the application button below.

There are Four main areas of ministry that are made up of multiple volunteer teams that serve others throughout the week including Saturdays and Sundays. This flexibility allows everyone with a desire to serve a place to volunteer. You can sign up to serve on one of the ministry teams below and someone will contact you about your next step.

The First Impressions Ministry focuses on creating an atmosphere of warmth and welcome, providing a safe environment for people to take their next step toward Christ. The ministry executes these responsibilities through 7 ministry teams: Usher Team, Safety & Traffic Team, Greeting Team, Information Desk Team, White Glove Team, Children’s Check In Team and The Phone Team.

Usher Team

The Usher Team welcomes all of our guests and members curbside or at the door as they enter the church. They also offer assistance in finding a seat in the sanctuary and collect offering during service.

Safety & Traffic Team

The Safety and Traffic Team assists guests in members in all weather conditions to finding an open parking space and orchestrates the large number of cars coming in and out of the parking lot.

Greeting Team

The Greeting Team warmly welcomes our guests with the Sunday program and answers questions from members and visitors as needed.

White Glove Team

The White Glove Team keeps the church in immaculately clean condition for our guests and members and they help to remove distractions for our guests and members.

Children’s Check in Team

The Children’s Check-In Team greets and welcomes children and parents to the age appropriate childcare ministry on Sunday mornings. They also ensure that all children are safely and securely picked up by the appropriate person.

Phone Team

The Phone Team addresses all questions and concerns that arise via telephone before and during services.

The ongoing shape that Family Ministry takes is determined by the overall goals of the church, the felt needs of the congregation and the community, the prevailing attitudes toward such specific ministry and the resources available.

Care Ministry

The Care Ministry prepares meals to the church body who are dealing with the loss of a loved one, who are sick or are welcoming the birth of a new baby. Upon request or as the church learns of a need, this ministry will also provide administrative and housekeeping support.

Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Ministry provides a safe, happy and secure environment for every child and delivers an approved curriculum through creative and interactive play.

Kids inc

The Kids Inc Ministry leads young people into meaningful lifetime relationships with their family, their friends and, most importantly, their God.

To Be Continued

To Be Continued is the Student Ministry for Middle School & High School students. There are many different volunteer roles to help in from chaperones to mentors.

Facility Maintenance

The Facility Maintenance Ministry ensures that the church building is safe and is in excellent shape at all times including completing handyman type activities, painting, etc.

Ground Maintenance

The Ground Maintenance Ministry ensures that the grounds of the church are safe and are in excellent shape at all times including mowing, gardening, snow removal, etc.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Ministry provides graphic design support to all administrative activities including public relation and marketing materials, church bulletins, newsletters, etc.


The Photography Ministry is on point to take pictures during regular and special services, community outreach events and all other church related activities as needed.

Audio/Visual Production is a vital part of Christ Centered Church in creating a great experience in our many different environments with lighting, sound, visual graphics, and video recording.


Do you have a good ear? Well get involved in mixing a live worship service. Learn the lastest technology of digital mixers.


Lighting enhances the experience of our worhsip services with the lastest types of lighting fixtures.

Computer Graphics

Media graphics are a vital part in communiting the worship experience from the displaying of songs & scriptures to motion backgrounds and video.


From operating a camera to producing a DVD, videography captures the experience in High Definition!


Help spread the word by creating sermon CD’s & DVD’s

Interested in volunteering?

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Not sure yet, how about a Six Week Try-out?

The Six Week Try-out is a time when you can participate a 1st serve ministry. It is a try-out because after six week you can determine if you want to continue.